About Skara Photojournalism Collective

SKARA photojournalism collective consists of two Icelandic photojournalists; Árni Torfason and Brynjar Gunnarsson. We produce photo stories as well as general news coverage from Iceland.

We are located in Reykjavik, Iceland. And have worked some of the largest publications in the world, including: AP photo, Guardian, Getty Images and The Observer. We've also worked with NGOs for example The Red Cross. Often we'll work together on a story to broaden our view and perspective and to gain angles we otherwise would not be able to get. We also work on solo projects but always with the support and input from each other.

Separately we have won multiple awards from the annual Icelandic Press Photographers Association awards, including: Picture of the Year, Picture story of the Year, Landscape Picture of the Year and Sports Picture of the Year. As well as second prize for news picture from Canon Iceland in 2011.

We often work with other freelance writers and journalists on our stories.

Please contact us at skara@skara.is, arni@skara.is or brynjar@skara.is if you have any questions or comments.